Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Why hello, I remember you.

It's been over a month since I last updated my blog. Not a whole lot has happened just that I started my new job on Sept 5th and I like it a lot but I have mixed feelings about it. I got a new phone, the HTC Evo and I LOVE it! The reason why I have mixed feelings about my job is because I hate retail, I don't want to be stuck in retail my whole entire life, it's not what I want as a career. In my job I sell diamonds so when people come into the store I have to greet them within 10 seconds. I don't like doing that because I don't like to come off pushy and it just makes me feel uncomfortable. I don't like walking up to a random person who I don't know and try to sell them stuff. I'm in the wrong job cause I don't want to talk to them and I don't want to try to get a "sale." I have decided that in June of 2012 I'm going to move to California and try to pursue my career as a horror writer.

I've mentioned this many times but I never made it happen. This time I am going to make it happen, if that means taking out a credit card to be able to move down there then I will. I'm sick of just sitting and working in retail wishing I could do the things that I want to do and wishing everything will change when it's not going to. Everything is going to stay the same as long as I don't do anything about it. I hate the "what ifs" thoughts going throughout your mind, I don't want to have to wonder if things were different. I don't care what anyone says. I'm going to make this happen and move down to California. I know better things will happen, I just need to try.

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