Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Why hello, I remember you.

It's been over a month since I last updated my blog. Not a whole lot has happened just that I started my new job on Sept 5th and I like it a lot but I have mixed feelings about it. I got a new phone, the HTC Evo and I LOVE it! The reason why I have mixed feelings about my job is because I hate retail, I don't want to be stuck in retail my whole entire life, it's not what I want as a career. In my job I sell diamonds so when people come into the store I have to greet them within 10 seconds. I don't like doing that because I don't like to come off pushy and it just makes me feel uncomfortable. I don't like walking up to a random person who I don't know and try to sell them stuff. I'm in the wrong job cause I don't want to talk to them and I don't want to try to get a "sale." I have decided that in June of 2012 I'm going to move to California and try to pursue my career as a horror writer.

I've mentioned this many times but I never made it happen. This time I am going to make it happen, if that means taking out a credit card to be able to move down there then I will. I'm sick of just sitting and working in retail wishing I could do the things that I want to do and wishing everything will change when it's not going to. Everything is going to stay the same as long as I don't do anything about it. I hate the "what ifs" thoughts going throughout your mind, I don't want to have to wonder if things were different. I don't care what anyone says. I'm going to make this happen and move down to California. I know better things will happen, I just need to try.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

New Job!!// Bitch post

I would like to let you all know that I got a new job! Yes, I've mentioned that before BUT in my last post about it I said I wouldn't be starting till sometime in October. Lucky for me the newest girl that was hired about a month ago quit because working only 2 days was TOO hard for her and she couldn't handle it. That's right, the crazy bitch couldn't handle working only TWO! days!! Oh well, her loss my gain. I put in my two weeks to my old job about two weeks ago and my last day was yesterday. YAY!! I'm FREE!! :D I wanted to take my old work uniforms and put them in a pile and light them on fire and I would dance around them. I really hated that job. It will be really nice to have a new job where I don't have to stress over and I don't have to worry about having to work that day. That job was such a pain in my ass that I would get anxiety just knowing I had to work. You shouldn't have to feel like that and have to deal with it. You should be able to have fun in you're job and want to go to work and like what you do but I didn't, I absolutely despised that place.

The reason why I hated it so much was because it was retail and working in retail is not the best job in the world. I worked in the Service Desk so I had to deal with returns and exchanges and customer complaints so I got the really nasty ass people who think that they're God's gift to the world and we're suppose to give them everything they want. That's not true and I don't do that. I don't follow the rule "The customer is always right even when they're wrong." If their wrong I'll tell them but in a nice way of course. I may hate the customers that come into my store but I would like to let you all know that I am NOT mean to them at all. I actually have great customer service and try to do a great job and help the customers it's just when you've been doing this job and dealing with these type of customers for 3 years it burns you out and it puts you in a bad mood and makes you not giving a flying fart in space. The customers aren't the only problem that I had to deal with, some of my co-workers were just as nasty. That place is a walking double standard and everyone treats you like shit and nobody cares about you. One worker actually told the whole front end that I was bulimic, yeah I really feel the love in that place. 

A lot of people have been saying "what happened to great customer service?" Customer service went down the drain when people got sick of being treated like shit at work all the time and I agree with that. I'm not saying my customer service went down cause I still have great customer service it's just it could be better and I'm not trying as hard as I use to because I just don't care and I don't want to be there, I stopped caring a long time ago and haven't started back up cause they don't pay me enough to care. What I'm excited about this job is I'm working with totally different people inside and out. Yes I'll be working in Fred Meyer Jewelers and it's still in the same store but it's going to be completely different. The whole atmosphere will be different cause I'll have a different clientele and  I don't have to work with certain people out on the front end anymore and I can tell them all to blow it out their ass and they can't do a damn thing about it. I'm really good friends with my new manager and she's not going to care what they have to say, she doesn't even like them and she knows how two faced they are. She even told me not to take their crap or they're going to have to deal with her.

That's what a manager should be like, they should be nice and always have you're back and be you're friend and still be you're manager. It's really not hard to do that but my old manager thought it was. She was degrading, rude, unprofessional and just down right nasty. In my new job I get to dress up and look nice and be able to finally look like a girl and not have to wear a ugly tan uniform. There's just 3 girls in the store cause I'm taking over Cheri's position since she's retiring in November and I get along great with everyone in there. I always tell people those are my girls cause they are. I'm the youngest one in there and it'll be nice to look up to someone who knows what to do and how to work it. It'll be a huge self esteem booster working in there and I know I'm going to love it. My first day is Monday (Labor Day) and I'm so excited, I already have my whole outfit picked out :) Even though I hated my old job I did have some great friends at that store that I love. Two of my best friends I met working there and two other girls I love I also met there. My good friend Danielle is  someone I look up to and I know I can always talk to. She understands me and my crazy weird horror personality and she loves me for that and she accepts it. I know I can talk to her about anything and she has my back. She's really excited about me working there cause she said she knows I'm going to have a great time and it'll be a good thing for me cause I can fully express myself in that job.

My other good friend Lesa is so funny and I love talking to her. We always make jokes about the job cause she hates it there too and we drool over Jensen Ackles. She even came to work on her day off on Friday to give me a hug and to say good bye since it was my last day and she told me I'm going to do great in there.  Those two girls I'm going to miss working with cause I had a fun time with them but I'm just happy I still get to see them when I'm working in the Jewelry department. I'll let you all know how my first day went and I'll take pictures! :D

(Disclaimer: Sorry about the whole Debbie Downer/bitching post I just needed to get this off my chest and felt this was the only way to do it. lol)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Oh Hott Damn!!

Happy day to me!! So I know I've mentioned before that I really, really, REALLY hate my job. It kills my soul and every time I clock in to work I feel like I'm selling my soul to the Devil. I work in retail so I'm justified in feeling like that because the costumers you have to deal with in retail are nasty, stuck up people who think they are in titled to everything. It's a grocery store with a clothing department and home department, it's like Wal-Mart but better quality. Inside my store we have a jewelry store called Fred Myers Jewelers, I'm good friends with all the girls in there and very good friends with the manager. I was told by Heather who works in there that the oldest woman in the store will be retiring in November. Sooo I emailed Stacy, the manager and asked if I could be hired and take her hours when she retires and she said YES!!

I am so flippin' happy and excited about this new job and I know it's going to be a great experience. It will be nice to finally have a job that I don't hate and I won't have to feel like my soul is being killed by the Devil. The only problem about starting this new job is that I have to wait till October to be hired and work in there which is really going to suck cause I have to deal with that shit hole for TWO WHOLE MONTHS and I know that will be the longest two months I will ever have to deal with. I really hate to have to spew all this crap and complain to all of you but you guys have no idea how bad I get treated in that place, I promise I get treated like shit there and they like to yell at me for things that everyone else does but I'm the one who gets in trouble.

I just have to grit my teeth and ignore all the two face drama from that store and then I'll be out! Yes I will still be in the same store but I won't have to work with all those mean people and the mean managers won't be my managers anymore and I don't have to listen to them. My goal for my new job is to drop 30 to 35 pounds to I can buy some really cute clothes since I need to dress nice and professional, going to be great. Thank you for letting vent and brag at the same time, I hope I didn't bore any of you ;]

"The Springwood Slasher, that's what they call me!"- Freddy Krueger

Friday, August 5, 2011

My Love Letter To Freddy Krueger

To my wonderful Freddy Krueger, how you make me smile. You're beautiful burned face, you're smart ass jokes you make right before your about to gut someone. And the way you get people to fear you, what can I say.. It's such a turn on. I remember the first time I saw you, yes I'll admit you scared me but in my defense I was 7 years old. I want you to know that I've grown up and I don't fear you, I love you. I want to be by your side when you take a step inside a pour lonely victim's mind. I want you to take me under your arm and teach me your ways.

You, Freddy are the marshmellow to my hot cocoa, the dollar bill to my stripper thong. You complete me. Words cannot describe the love I have for you. Yes there have been rumors that I've been having a secret love affair with Jason Voorhees but I want you to know that It's always been you. When you had that huge feud between Jason I was on your side, I voted for you. I have always loved you and you are the only man for me.

I get chills every time I hear you speak, the comments you make to you're victims is just delightful. "Welcome to Prime Time bitch." Awww, classic Freddy. People may say that your a bad person but they don't know you the way I do, they don't see what I see. I know what type of person you are, yeah you might act like a hard ass but that's just part of your charm. You don't want people to hate you, you want people to love you and I do. Your not a bad person your just misunderstood. I know deep down that you are a caring and loving person who just wants to show the world how you roll.

Of course, you've been wronged so you rebelled, who hasn't?! I just want you to know that I don't think less of you for that. We all have our troubles and I accept you. I don't want you to think that there isn't someone out there that doesn't understand cause I do. I love you Freddy, don't let those losers tell you what to do, you show them who's boss. You never cease to amaze me. When I saw you in that Fat Boys music video I just thought to myself, that's my man! I won't betray you like you're daughter did, I will stand by your side for eternity. So lets jump on you're motorcycle of terror and ride through the dream world together. You are simply amazing and I am so grateful I know you. There is no surprise why I took you're last name.

Love// Jenny Krueger

P.s. This was written for the Robert Englund Freddy, NOT the Jackie Earle Haley Freddy.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Well, well, well. I figured out what my problem was on my blog and how it wouldn't let me comment on any one's blog and I fixed it so I'm finally able to comment. With that being said I'm going to stick with my Memoirs of a Scream Queen blog and have that be my main blog where I do all of my horror stuff on and have my Jenny Lane blog be non horror. I really wish I would of found out the way to fix that stupid problem without having to make a whole new blog. Thank you to all the people who followed me to this blog, It's nice to know I have friends who will stick by me no matter where I go :]  I feel a lot better knowing I'm able to comment on every one's blog and I'm not going to have to deal with my blog acting stupid. So happy day to me and be prepared to start seeing more comments by me ;]

Round 2 of "You make me SCREAM!!" award!:

It's round 2 of "You make me SCREAM!!" award and this time I'm awarding it to one special person.
The rules for the award is as followed, thank the person who gave you the award with a link to their blog, then give this award to a blog that make you want to SCREAM!! for joy. The blogs that make you SCREAM!! with excitement ev2ery time you see that they updated their blog. If we're lucky this award will help us spread the fear and love for all things horror! I would like to give this award to....... 
Horrorsnark! I chose them because their blog is defiantly one to check out, they writes reviews with their own sense of style and humor. They knows what they like and they're not afraid to show it to the world, we need more people like that. Their reviews are a trip to read, their style of writing pulls you in and you never want to come out.  Their blog is one that really needs to be known and checked out.  Hopefully this award will give them the attention that they deserve cause their working their ass off and doing a damn good job.


Monday, June 20, 2011

New, new, new!!

Hello my little Demons! It's Jenny Krueger and I'm here to let everyone know about the recent change in my blog. I decided to get rid of Memoirs of a Scream Queen and move to A Walk Down Jenny Lane. I've been having some problems with my blog lately and it's starting to get on my nerves. I'm not able to comment on any one's blog and I apologize for not showing my love to you're wonderful blogs. I've been trying to find a way to fix this problem but I can't and the problem isn't just with my Memoirs of a Scream Queen blog it's happening with my Jenny Lane blog so I still can't comment on any blogs. If anyone know of a way to fix this problem PLEASE let me know cause I would love to starting commenting on every one's blog. I read somewhere of a way to fix this problem so I'm going to share it with all of you in hopes that it really works.

Head on over to settings and click on comments then scroll down to where it talks about posting comments and there will be three choices to choose from. Click on the third one that says Embedded, doing that will hopefully let me and everyone comment on you're blog. Don't worry you're still able to moderate you're blog comments. If you are following my Memoirs of a Scream Queen blog please come over to Jenny Lane and follow this blog, I will be spending most of my time on this blog and soon I will be deleting my Memoirs blog. I apologize to my new, recent followers but fear not it is still the same Jenny Krueger but with a new and edgy style.  :]